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Volumes related to early New England and Cape Cod history, including soldiers and sailors of various wars, early settlers and immigrants
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929.6 MAT Matthews, John Complete American armoury & blue book; 1965 
929.6 PRO  Prominent families in America with British ancestry; 1971 
929.6 STU Stuart, Roderick W. Royalty for commoners: lineage of John of Gaunt, Son of Edward III; 1988 
940.3 BUT Butler, S. B., comp. The 301st supply train (76th Div. U. S. Army) in the World War; 1925 
940.3 GEO George, Albert E. & Cooper, Edwin H. Pictorial history of the 26th Division U. S. Army; 1920 
970.1 BAN Bangs, Jeremy Dupertuis Indian Deeds: land transactions in Plymouth Colony, 1620-1691; 2002 
970.1 BON Bonfanti, Leo Biographies and legends of American Indians, vol. 3; 1972 
971.0 REA Reaman, G. Elmore The trail of the Huguenots; 1986 
971.6 CRO Crowell, Edwin History of Barrington township & vicinity, Shelburne Co., NS 1604-1810; 1974 
971.6 O'GA O'Gallagher, Marianna Grosse Ile: gateway to Canada 1832-1937; 1984 
971.6 PAT Patterson, George D. History of the County of Pictou, NS 
973.0 UNI  Biographical directory of the American Congress, 1774-1927; 1928 
973.2 MAC MacKenzie, George Newbury, ed. Colonial families of the U. S. A., vols. 5 & 6; 1966 
973.2 MAS MacKay, Robert E. Mass. soldiers in the French & Indian Wars, 1744-1755; 1978 
973.2 MAS Doreski, Carole Mass. officers & soldiers in the 17th century conflicts; 1982 
973.2 MAS Stachiw, Myron O. Mass. officers & soldiers 1723-1743, Dummer's War to the War of Jenkins' Ear; 1979 
973.2 MAS Goss, K. David Mass. officers & soldiers in the French & Indian Wars, 1755-1756; 1985 
973.2 MAS Donahue, Mary E., ed. Mass. officers & soldiers, 1702-1722, Queen Anne's War to Dummer's War; 1980 
973.3 BEA Beauchamp, W. M. Revolutionary soldiers resident or dying in Onodega Co., NY; 1990 
973.3 DAR D. A. R. Forgotten patriots: African American and American Indian patriots in the Revolutionary War; 2008 
973.3 DAR Darling, Flora Adams Founding & organization of the Daughters of the American Revolution and Daughters of the Revolution; 1901 
973.3 DAR D. A. R. Ancestral registry of the general society of the Daughters of the American Revolution; 1896 
973.3 GRU Grundset, Eric G. America's women in the Revolutionary Era, 1760-1790, 3 v.; 2011 
973.3 MAS  Massachusetts soldiers and sailors in the Revolutionary War, 17 vols.; 1908 
973.3 PIE Pierce, John Pierce's register: certificates issued to Continental Army under Act of 1783; 1973 repr. 
973.3 SON Sons of the American Revolution Sons of the American Revolution, Massachusetts society; 1897 
973.7 BRA Brady, Mathew Mathew Brady's illustrated history of the Civil War; [2000] 
973.7 MAS Massachusetts Report of the Adjutant General 1865; 1865 
973.7 MIL Miller, Stauffer Cape Cod and the Civil War, the raised right arm; 2010 
973.7 ROE Roe, Alfred S. 5th Regiment Mass. Volunteers; 1911 
973.7 WAL Walter, John F. Confederate dead in Brooklyn, NY; 2003 
974.0 AND Anderson, Robert Charles The great migration newsletter, vols. 1-5, 1990-1994; 1998 
974.0 AND Anderson, Robert Charles The great migration: immigrants to New England 1634-1635, Vols. 1-7; 1999-2011  
974.0 AND Anderson, Robert Charles The great migration begins, 1620-1623, 3 vols.; 1995 
974.0 ASH Ashwell, Winifred Essex and the "Lyon:" the people who sailed in her to NE in 1632; 1971 
974.0 CAR Carpenter, Delores Early encounters, native Americans & Europeans in New England; 1974 
974.0 CUT Cutter, William Richard Genealogical and personal memoirs re families of Boston & Eastern Massachusetts, vols. 2-4; 1908 
974.0 CUT Cutter, William Richard New England families, genealogical and memorial, 4 vols.; 1996 repr 
974.0 HIL Hill, William C. A century of genealogical progress: history of NEHGS; 1945 
974.0 STA State Street Trust Co. New England towns & old England, Ireland & Scotland; 1920 
974.0 WEI Weis, Frederick Lewis The Colonial clergy and the Colonial Churches of New England; 1977 repr 
974.1 CHA Chadbourne, Ava H. Maine place names [York and Oxford Counties]; 1957 
974.1 CHA Chadbourne, Ava H. Maine place names [York County]; 1971 Illustrated county ed. 
974.1 HEY Heywood, Charles Errol History of Upton, ME; 1973 
974.1 KEN Kennebec Journal History of Litchfield, ME...centennial; 1897 
974.1 KER Kershaw, Gordon E. The Kennebeck Proprietors, 1749-1775; 1975 
974.1 LAP Lapham, William B. History of the town of Bethel, ME;;1986 
974.1 POR Porter, Joseph W. Bangor Historical Magazine 1885-1894, 9 vols. in 4; 1993 
974.3 FAR Farnsworth, Harold & Rodgers, Robert New Haven in Vermont 1761-1983 
974.3 VER Vermont Report of the auditor of accounts for Vermont 1893-1894 
974.4 AND Anderson, Robert Charles The Winthrop Fleet : Massachusetts Bay Company immigrants to New England, 1629-1630; 2012 
974.4 BAI Baisly, Clair Cape Cod architecture 
974.4 BON Bonfanti, Leo The witchcraft hysteria of 1692 
974.4 CAP  Cape and South Shore blue book and social register; 1924, 1928-29, 1930-31 
974.4 COP Copeland, Alfred M., ed. History of Hampden County, MA 1620-1897 
974.4 ENC  Encyclopedia of Massachusetts, biographical & genealogical 
974.4 FOR Forbes, Allan Town & city seals of Massachusetts 
974.4 GAY Gay, W. B. Gazetteer of Hampshire County, MA 1654-1887 
974.4 HEF Heffernan, Thomas F. Stove by a whale: Owen Chase and the Essex 
974.4 HOL Holly, H. H. Sparrow-Hawk, a 17th century vessel in 20th century America 
974.4 HOL Holland, Josiah Gilbert History of Western Massachusetts, 2 vols. 
974.4 HUR Hurd, D. Hamilton History of Worcester County, MA, with biographical sketches, v.1 
974.4 KIT Kittredge, Henry C. Cape Cod: its people & their history 
974.4 MAS Massachusetts, Secretary of State Historical data relating to counties, cities & towns of MA 
974.4 MAS Massachusetts Department of Education The Tercentenary of Massachusetts Bay Colony (1630-1930) 
974.4 NAS Nason, E. Gazetteer of the state of Massachusetts 1874 
974.4 POP Pope Pioneers of Massachusetts 
974.4 SEG Segal, Jerome D. Wampanoag genealogical history of Martha's Vineyard 
974.4 SMI Smith, Leonard H. Cape Cod library of local history and genealogy, 2 vols. 
974.4 SOU  Southeastern Massachusetts, 2 vols. 
974.4 SOU South Shore social register and who's who on Cape Cod, 1939  
974.4 STA Stackpole, Edouard A. Loss of the Essex, sunk by a whale 
974.4 THR  Three centuries of the Cape Cod county : Barnstable County, 1685-1985; 1985 
974.4 WAL Walling, Henry F. The 1858 map of Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard & Nantucket 
974.5 BAR Bartlett, John Russell Records of the colony of Rhode Island, 10 vols. 
974.5 HAL Haley, John William Old Stone Bank history of Rhode Island 
974.6 CON  Connecticut state register & manual 1928 
974.6 SIN Sinnotet, Edmund Ware Meeting house of First Church of Christ in New Haven, CT 1814-1960 
974.6 SOC Society of the Descendants of the Founders of Hartford (CT) Original proprietors 
974.6 STE Stein, Bernard Christian History of Guilford & Madison, CT 
974.7 BAI Baird, Charles W. History of Rye, Weschester Co., NY 1660-1870 
974.7 MCN McNamara, John McNamara's old Bronx 
975.2 MCG McGrath, Francis Sims Pillars of Maryland 
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