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Genealogy Research Guides

"How-To" Genealogy Research Guides - Aids to researching specific areas of genealogy
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929.1 Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Selected research outlines, guides and other materials, 2 vols. [missing 6/2014] 
929.1 AME  American & English genealogies in the Library of Congress; 1910  
929.1 ANC Ancestry Ancestry's red book; rev. ed. 1992 
929.1 BAN Banks, Charles Edward Topographical dictionary of 2885 English emigrants to NE 1620-1630 [missing 6/2014] 
929.1 BAX Baxter, Angus In search of your German roots; 4th ed. 2001 
929.1 BAX Baxter, Angus In search of your Canadian roots; 1989 
929.1 BER Berry, Ellen Thomas & Berry, David Allen Our Quaker ancestors; 1987 
929.1 BOU Boudreau, Dennis M. Beginning Franco-American genealogy; 1993 
929.1 BRA Brandt, Bruce Where to look for hard-to-find German-speaking ancestors in Eastern Europe; 2d ed., 1993 
929.1 CAR Carmack, Sharon DeBartolo Genealogist's guide to discovering your family ancestors; 1998 
929.1 CAR Carmack, Sharon DeBartolo Genealogist's guide to discovering your immigrant & ethnic ancestors; 2000 
929.1 CAR Carmack, Sharon DeBartolo Genealogist's guide to discovering your female ancestors; 1998 
929.1 CHI  Children's interview guide: personal and family history of...; 1992 
929.1 CHO Chorzempa, Rosemary Polish roots; 1993 
929.1 COL Colletta, John P. They came in ships; 3d ed., 2002 
929.1 COO Cooke, Lisa Louise The Genealogist's Google toolbox; 2d ed. 2015 
929.1 COP Copeley, William Index to genealogies in NH town histories; rev & enlg., 2000 
929.1 CRO Croom, Emily Unpuzzling your past workbook; 1996 
929.1 CRO Croom, Emily Unpuzzling your past, 4th ed., 2001 
929.1 DAV Davis, Harry A short history of German place names; 3d ed., 1978 
929.1 DIC Dickson, Charles Scandinavian-American genealogical resources; 2004 
929.1 DOA Doane, Gilbert H. Searching for your ancestors; 6th ed., 1992 
929.1 DOL Dollarhide, William British origins of American colonists, 1629-1775; 1997 
929.1 DUF Duffy, Godfrey F. A guide to tracing your Donegal ancestors; 1996 
929.1 EVE Everton, George B. Genealogical atlas of the USA; 1966 
929.1 EVE Everton Handybook for genealogists; 11th ed., 2006 
929.1 FAM Family Chronicle More dating old photographs 1840-1929; 2006 
929.1 FAM Family Chronicle Dating old photographs 1840-1929; 2004 
929.1 FIL Filby, P. William American & British genealogy & heraldry; 3d ed., 1983 
929.1 FIN  Finding your roots; 1982 
929.1 FRE  French-Canadian Sources; 2002 
929.1 FRI Frisch-Ripley, Karen Unlocking the secrets in old photographs; 1991 
929.1 GAG Gagne, Peter J. Links to your New Jersey past; 2003 
929.1 GEN  Genealogical & local history books in print, 1st & 2nd supplements to the 4th ed. [missing 6/2014] 
929.1 GIB Gibson, Jeremy Militia lists & musters 1757-1876... British Isles;p 2d ed., 1990 
929.1 GIB Gibson, Jeremy Marriage, census and other indexes for family historians [British Isles]; 1989 
929.1 GIB Gibson, Jeremy Electoral registers since 1832 & Burgess rolls [British Isles]; 2d ed., 1990 
929.1 GIB Gibson, Jeremy Local census listings 1522-1930, holdings in the British Isles; 1992 
929.1 GIB Gibson, Marjorie Hubbell Historical and genealogical atlas and guide to Barnstable County, Massachusetts; 1995 
929.1 GRE Grenham, John Tracing your Irish ancestors; 3rd ed., 2006 
929.1 GRE Greene, Evarts B. American population before the federal census of 1790, 1933 repr. 1993 
929.1 HAT Hatcher, Patricia Law Producing a quality family history, 1996 
929.1 HER Herber, Mark Ancestral trails, 2nd ed. 2005 
929.1 IRV Irvine, Sherry Your English ancestry,1998 
929.1 JAC Jacobus, Donald Index to genealogical periodicals, 3 vols. in 1; 1981 
929.1 JAC Jacobson, Judy History for Genealogists: using chronological time lines to find and understand your ancestors, 2009 
929.1 JON Jones, Vincent L. Stamp out! Eliminate confusion! [missing 5/12] 
929.1 KEM Kemp, Thomas J. International vital records handbook, 5th ed. 2009 
929.1 KEM Kemp, Thomas J. American census handbook, 2001 
929.1 KIR Kirkham, E. Kay Survey of American church records, v.1 (3d ed., 1971); v.2, 1960 
929.1 LAI Lainhart, Ann Smith State Census Records, 1992 
929.1 LAI Lainhart, Ann Smith Digging for genealogical treasure in NE town records, 1996 
929.1 LEC Leclerc, Michael J. Genealogist's handbook for New England research, 5th ed. 2012 
929.1 LON Longver, Phyllis O. Surname guide to MA town histories, 1993 
929.1 LYN Lynch, Daniel M. Google your family tree, 2008 
929.1 MAR Marble, Allan E. Catalogue of published genealogies of Nova Scotia families, 2d ed. 1984 
929.1 MEY Meyerink, Kory L. Printed sources: a guide to published genealogical records, 1998 
929.1 MIL Mills, Elizabeth Shown Evidence: citation & analysis for the historian; 15th printing, 2006 
929.1 MIL Mills, Elizabeth Shown Evidence explained: citing history sources from artifacts to cyberspace, 2nd ed. 2009 
929.1 MIL Mills, Elizabeth Shown QuickSheet: citing online historical sources; 2007 
929.1 MIN Minert, Roger P. German census records, 1816-1916; 2016 
929.1 MOR Morgan, George G. Your family reunion: how to plan it, organize it, and enjoy it!; 2001 
929.1 NAT National Archives and Records Administration Military service records at the National Archives; 2009 
929.1 NAT National Archives and Records Administration Using civilian records for genealogical research in the National Archives; 2009 
9291. NEA Neagles, James C. U. S. military records; 1994 
929.1 NEL Nelson, Lynn Genealogist's guide to discovering your Italian ancestors; 1997 
929.1 NEW  New York family history research guide and gazetteer, 2014 
929.1 NEW Newman, John J. Uncle, we are ready; 2001 
929.1 NEW NEHGS Circulating library catalog 2002, 2 vols. 
929.1 ODU O'Duill, Eileen & Ffeary-Smyrl, Steven C. Irish civil registration: where do I start?; 2000 
929.1 ONE  101 best genealogy research tips; 2006 
929.1 ONE O'Neill, Robert K. Irish libraries : archives, museums & genealogical centres; 2002 
929.1 PHI  Philadelphia maps, 1682-1982; 1996 
929.1 PLY Plymouth Public Library Handbook of resources available in Plymouth, MA; 1995 
929.1 PRI Price, Charlotte S. A guide to the manuscripts and special collections in the archives of the Falmouth Historical Society; 1983 
929.1 PUN Punch, Terrence M. Genealogical research in Nova Scotia, 3rd ed., 1983 
929.1 RAD Radford, Dwight A. & Betit, Kyle J. Discovering your Irish ancestors; 2001 
929.1 RAP Rapaport, Diane New England court records; 2006 
929.1 RAY Ray, Roger B. Indians of Maine: a bibliographical guide; 1972 
929.1 ROS Rose, Christine & Ingalls, Kay Germaine The complete idiot's guide to genealogy; 1997 
929.1 RUB Rubincam, Milton Pitfalls in genealogical research; 1987 
929.1 SCH Schweitzer, George K. Massachusetts genealogical research; 1990 
929.1 SCO Scott, Kerry How to use Evernote for genealogy, 2015 
929.1 SEV Severa, Joan L. Dressed for the photographer; 1995 
929.1 SHU Shull, Wilma Sadler Photographing your heritage; 1988 
929.1 SMI Smith, Franklin Carter & Croom, Emily Anne A genealogist's guide to discovering your African-American ancestors; 2003 
929.1 SMI Smith, Juliana Szucs Ancestry's family historian's address book, 2nd ed. 2003 
929.1 SPE Sperry, Kip New England Genealogical Research: a guide to sources; 1988 
929.1 STA Stanford Genealogical Society Genealogical resources of Southwestern Fairfield County, CT [missing 5/2012] 
929.1 STR Stratton, Penelope L. & Huff, Henry B. Guide to genealogical writing: how to write and publish your family history 
929.1 SUE Suess, Jared H. Handy guide to Hungarian genealogical research; 1980 
929.1 SZU Szucs, Loretta Dennis & Luebking, Sandra Hargreaves The source: a guidebook of American genealogy, rev. ed. 1997 
929.1 THO Thorndale, William & Dollarhide, William Map guide to the U. S. Federal censuses, 1790-1920; 1987 
929.1 UNI U. S. Nat'l Archives Federal population censuses, 1790-1890: a catalog of microfilm copies of the schedules; 1979 
929.1 UNI U. S. Nat'l Archives Guide to genealogical research at the National Archives; 1985 
929.1 VAL Valentine, John F. Handbook for genealogical correspondence [missing 5/2012] 
929.1 YAN Yans-McGloughlin, Virginia and Lightman, Marjorie Ellis Island and the Peopling of America : the official guide; 1997 
929.1 ZIM Zimmerman, William Instant oral biographies; 1988 
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