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Family histories and genealogies, Cape Cod and beyond
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92 ALBRECHT Huber, Leslie Albrecht The Journey takers; 2010 
92 ALDEN Alden, Ebenezer Memorial of descendants of Hon. John Alden; 1867 
92 ASHLEY Ashley, Robert E Ashleys of the Old Colony; 1981 
92 ATWOOD Atwood, Kay A Line of Descent: nine generations of Stephen Atwood (d.1695) and Abigail Dunham Atwood of Eastham, Massachusetts; 2011 
92 BAKER Rogerson, Jim And they rose; Francis Baker and his descendants; 1998 
92 BANGS Dudley, Dean History & genealogy of the Bangs family in America; 1896 
92 BARSHINGER Smith, Stephen Harold Barshingers in America: a genealogical history of Barshinger families in America since 1735; 2001 
92 BARTLETT Longfellow, Marian History of the Society of descendants of Robert Bartlet of Plymouth, MA; [1914?] 
92 BAXTER Rolde, Neil Baxters of Maine; 1997 
92 BEASON Beason-Peckham, Arline The Beason family; 2002 
92 BICKNELL  The Bicknells and the family reunion at Weymouth, MA, 1880; 1880 
92 BREWSTER Reed, William Howell Elder William Brewster; 1894 
92 BREWSTER Sherwood,Mary B. Pilgrim: a biography of William Brewster; 1982 
92 BROWN Tedrick, Nancy Brown family history; 2006 
92 BROWN Brown, Roger Stuart Brown ancestors and descendants ...; 1971 
92 BROWN  The New Jersey Browns; 1931 
92 BURDICK Schatz, Dorothy Burdick Burdick, Crowther, Eaton, Freethy and related families including two Mayflower families--Chilton and White; 2007 
92 BURGESS Lovell, Russell A. The Cape Cod story of Thornton W. Burgess; 1974 
92 BURGESS Burgess, Paul F. The Burgess history tree; 1993 
92 BUSBY Kingsbury, Anna C. A historical sketch of Nicholas Busby the immigrant; 1998 
92 BYRAM Byram, John Arnold Byrams in America; 1996 
92 CAHOON Didrick, Deborah Cahoon Famous and infamous Cahoons, v. 1; 1999 
92 CHAMBERLIN Henderson, June C. The ancestry of Chamberlin and Grant, 3 vols.; 2000 
92 CHAMPION Trowbridge, Francis Bacon History of the descendants of Henry Champion; 1891 
92 CLARK Radasch, Arthur H. & Katharine W. Thomas Clark of Plymouth, MA, 1623; 1972 
92 COBB Roser, Susan Early descendants of Henry Cobb of Barnstable, Massachusetts; 2008 
92 COBB Cobb, Diane & Warrington Cobb, Hayes, Halm & King ancestors; 2000 
92 COLE Roser, Susan E. Early descendants of Daniel Cole of Eastham, Massachusetts; 2010 
92 COOK Bunnelle, Phillip R. New England ancestry of Susan Alma Cook, 1866-1934; 1998 
92 COOPER Cooper, Alice Thomson & Cooper, John Bradley Cooper beginnings; 1987 
92 CRAWFORD Crawford, William D. Crawford family in America; 1989 
92 CROSBY Crosby, Eleanor Davis Simon Crosby the emigrant; 1914 repr 
92 DAVIS Smith, Danny D. Walter Goodwin Davis: a scholar's unique contribution to NE genealogy 
92 DOANE  Doane family, 3rd ed., 2 vols. 
92 DUDLEY Watson, Marston Royal families, v. 1: Gov. Thomas Dudley and descendants through 5 generations 
92 ELLIS Weston, Dorothy Ellis Henry's Cape Cod 
92 EMERSON Swigart, Edmond K. An Emerson-Benson saga 
92 FALL Batchelder, Dana A. Descendants of John Fall of Berwick, ME 
92 FLANDERS Dunbar, Edith Flanders The Flanders family from Europe to America 
92 FOSTER Pierce, Frederich C. Foster genealogy 
92 FREEMAN Freeman, Stephen Albert Descendants of Edmond Freeman: the story of my branch 
92 GARTH Davis, Rosalie Edith Rogers The Garth family: descendants of John Garth of VA, 1734-1986 
92 GOODELL  Goodell memorial 1986: memorial to Trenor Franklin Goodell 
92 GUYTON Rees, Helen Guyton Guytons galore 
92 HALL Dismukes, Philip Hall family 
92 HARDING Holt, Ann Katherine A narrative history of the Harding family 
92 HENDRICK Hendrick, Charles T. David Hendrick of Haverhill, MA 
92 HOWES Howes, Robert Arthur Genealogy of the Howes family in America 
92 HULSE Harper, Lynn C. Hulce/Hulse families in America, 3 vols. 
92 KAMM Jones, Kathleen Kamm & Donald E. Some ancestors of Pearl Griggs Kamm 
92 KELLEY Randall, Eunice Kelley David O'Killia the immigrant of old Yarmouth, MA 
92 KIMBALL Morrison, Leonard Allison History of the Kimball family in America, 1634-1897, 2 vols. 
92 KNOWLES Hufbauer, Virginia K. Descendants of John Knowles 
92 LACKOR Middleton, Mary Lackor family 
92 LAWRENCE Mallory, Mary Whaling brides & whaling brothers 
92 LEROY White, Elizabeth M. The star of La Rochelle 
92 LEWES Williams, Barbara Lewis 400 years with a New England Lewes-Lewis family 
92 LINNELL Wynor, Roche Linnell The descendants of Robert Linnell 
92 LORD Lord, John M. Genealogy of the Lord family 
92 LUCAS Lucas, James Llewellyn Thomas Lucas of Plymouth, MA, 1650-1678, and his descendants 
92 MANN Knoff, Dorothy c. George Adam Mann, 1734-1821 
92 MASON Mason, Alverdo Hayward Genealogy of the Sampson Mason family 
92 MAYO Mayo-Rodwick, Jean Rev. John Mayo and his descendants, 3 vols. 
92 MCKENNEY McKenney, Herbert O. McKenney story 
92 MILLER Miller, C. Wayne Millers and Hoards 
92 MORE Lindsay, David Mayflower bastard: a stranger among the Pilgrims 
92 MUNSEY  Munsey-Hopkins genealogy 
92 NASH Locke, Gertrude Nash Nash family 
92 NICKERSON Derick, Pauline Wixon The Nickerson family, 6 generations, 2nd ed., 2 vols. 
92 NICKERSON Derick, Burton N.  Nickerson family 
92 NYE Nye, L. Bert, Jr. Genealogy of American Nyes, 2 vols. 
92 PARKHURST Parkhurst, John Civil war letters 1862-1863 of John Parkhurst to his wife Lizzie (Pearson) Parkhurst 
92 PAYNE Payne, H. Morse Payne/Paine family 
92 PAYNE CCGS Bulletin Special issue #16: Payne family; 1999 
92 PEABODY Peabody, Selim Hobart Peabody genealogy; 1909 
92 PECKHAM Peckham, Charles Wesley The Peckham family; 2009 
92 PERRY Bunelle, Phillip New England ancestry of George R. Perry, 1867-1947; 1998 
92 PERRY Bunelle, Phillip R. John Perry, mariner, and Sarah Clark, his wife; 1994 
92 PETTY Petty, Gerald Petty, Wright and Riley families; 1973 
92 PLATT Platt, G. Lewis Platt lineage; 1891 
92 SAINT Saint, Paul F. The Saints of Brewster, 1856-1996; 1996 
92 SCHWARTZTRAUBER Schwartztrauber, Sayre Archie Schwartztrauber & related families; 1995 
92 SEARS Sears, L. Ray, III Sears genealogical catalogue; 1992 
92 SELEW Selew, Clinton Waldron Some descendants of Philliip Selew of Harwich, MA; 1968 
92 SEYMOUR Seymour, Malcolm Puritan migration to CT: the Seymour family, 1129-1746; 1982 
92 SMITH Freeman, Ruth Hayden Descendants of Ralph Smith of Hingham/Eastham: story of my branch; MISSING 2012 
92 STRONG Strong, Lyle A. Strong family history update, v. 1, Jedediah Strong; 1989 
92 STURTEVANT Sturtevant, Robert Hunter Descendants of Samuel Sturtevant; 1986 
92 TOBEY Tobey, Rufus Babcock Tobey genealogy: Thomas of Sandwich, James of Kitter; 1905 
92 TOWNSEND  Memorial of John, Henry & Richard Townsend; 1865 
92 WEBB Waters, Edward Stanley Webb family genealogical notes; 1880 
92 WEEKS Chapman, Jacob Leonard Weeks of Greenland, NH, & descendants, 1630-1858; 1889 
92 WETMORE Wetmore, James Carnahan The Wetmore family of America; 1861 
92 WHITE White, Thomas & Samuel Ancestral chronology of William White family, 1607-1895; 1895 
92 WIGHT Wight, D. Bartlett Ancestry of Thomas Wight & his wife Alice Ruth Peabody of Gorham, NH; 1964 
92 WING Stone, Margaret H. & James H. Wing genealogy; 1998 
92 WINSLOW Holton, David Parsons Winslow memorial, 2 vols.; 1877-1888 
92 WOOD Wood, Norris Philip Descendants & ancestors of Consider Wood; 1998 
92 YOUNG Seaver, J. Montgomery Young family history; 1971 
92 ZARGER Stouffer, Christian S. & Mary Z. Zarger genealogy; 1974 
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