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In addition to the listed collections, the library has unpublished information and personal papers which may be of interest to researchers. Although some of these items have not yet been cataloged, more finding aids are being added regularly to our collection.

Please email the CCGS Librarian for further information about these resources and how to access them.

Unpublished Materials on Cemeteries

Series I - Cape Cod Genealogy Society Cemetery Committee Project

Trained volunteers from the CCGS have surveyed Cape Cod cemeteries using a standardized form to document information about each grave site in a particular cemetery. Information includes the name and location of the cemetery and the location of the gravestones in it; the name of the surveyor and date the information was gathered; a complete description of the stone - its measurements, composition, a transcription of any engraving, and a notation regarding condition.

A photograph is included where permitted; or a sketch drawn on site is provided. Genealogical information about the decedent and his family is also included when available. Completed volumes, one page per grave, for two local cemeteries are available in our library.

  1. Woodside Cemetery, West Yarmouth, 2004. 2 vols. 1/2 linear foot.
  2. Ancient Cemetery, Yarmouth Port, 2006. 7 vols. 2 linear feet.

Series II - Robert Paine Carlson Collection

Robert Paine Carlson is an active member of CCGS. He has researched extensively on Cape Cod cemeteries and has authored two useful guides for cemetery research on the Cape, which he as donated to this library.

  1. Guide to Barnstable Co. Gravestone Surveys for 115 Cape Cod Cemeteries established before 1860. This is a typescript listing of gravestone surveys for each cemetery. The survey listing is updated as new information becomes available. The 115 cemeteries are listed in chronological order by date of the oldest stone in each cemetery. 1" 3-ring binder.
  2. Colonial Gravestones of Barnstable County. A typescript collection of 13 articles published in the CCGS Bulletin from 2001 to 2005. This collection is updated as needed to include revised or new information. 1" 3-ring binder.

Bob maintains Cape Cod Gravestones, a must-visit website for Cape Cod and Barnstable County researchers.

Series III - Miscellaneous

  1. Chatham cemeteries, photocopy of handwritten cemetery records owned by Joseph A. Nickerson, member of the Chatham Cemetery Commission. Reproduced and donated to CCGS by Sam Slicer. 27 May 1986. Information about North, South, & Baptist cemeteries.
  2. Tombstone records to the early 1880's from 3 Barnstable (MA) cemeteries, copied from the work of Gustavus Hinkley, by Alice Sperl. Aqua 1" binder, from Trudy James collection. Includes:
    • West Barnstable
    • Lothrop's Hill
    • Cobb's Hill
  3. Orleans Cemetery. Index. From Trudy James collection.
  4. Various cemeteries, a few stones copied, from Trudy James collection.
  5. Georgetown Cemetery, South Methodist Cemetery, Willow St., Bass River, with indexes, transcribed by Burt and Ruth Derick. July 2003.
  6. Swan Lake Cemetery Association Records, Dennisport, MA. From Trudy James collection.
  7. Howes Cemetery and Howe family index, copied by Daniel Chase.
  8. Hall Cemetery, Dennis, MA.

Unpublished materials on Families

This section includes some copies of secondary sources.


- Bearse family. Copies of handwritten letters, transcriptions of various public records.


- Children of Benjamin Blossom and Margaret Blackwell, 17 p. (Eddy coll.)


- Carter family and allied families, compiled by Jennie C. Middlebrook. (Eddy coll.)


- Alphabetical listing of Chase names, compiled by June Chase Tuominen.

- Chase, June (Tuominen), "Odds and Ends," includes correspondence, copies of various records, family group charts

- Chase, John, 3rd and 4th generations

- Chase, William. 2 vols.

- Chase family of Harwich, copied from Josiah Paine papers at NEHGS, by Barbara Walsh. 1972. 18p.


- Alphabetical family group charts, 5-generation charts, brief family history, compiled by Martha Childs.


- Copies of various secondary sources on the Conant family in England and America (Eddy coll.)


- Which Joseph Dennis, by James Lloyd Dennis, 1984. Typed manuscript and family tree.


- My branch, by Irving C. Ellis. Typed manuscript and copied sources, 93p. Spiral bound.

- My Ellis family, by Vera Ellis Bagent. Printed manuscript, "library edition," August 2001. 185p. Index.

- Lt. John and Elizabeth (Freeman) Ellis of Sandwich, Mass. By Lydia B. (Phinney) Brownson and Matthew MacLean. Typed manuscript, family groups, indexed.


- Copies of photos, various public records and other sources, 85p. (Eddy coll.)


- Hamlin, James, of Barnstable, copies of various secondary sources.


- Descendants of Joseph Hull. Correspondence, copies of Hull family register pages and news clippings.


- Loveland, Thomas of Glastonbury, CT. Copies of various secondary sources.


- Perham family history. Typed manuscript and copied sources, by Harold C. Perham, February 1, 1974, 132p.


- Diary of Simeon Perkins 1766 - 1778. Typed transcription, 37p. (James coll.)


- Richmond family 1594 - 1896. Copies of various secondary sources. (Eddy coll.)


- Rothney, William family. Correspondence, family group charts, copies of public records and other sources. (Tuominen coll.)


- Shed, Daniel of Braintree genealogy and copied secondary sources


- Sisson newsletter indexed by David Arne Sisson, 1998, 108p.


- Tower genealogy. Account of the descendents of John Tower, of Hingham, MA, compiled by Charlemagne Tower


- Henry Tuominen family group sheets

- Correspondence and notes, copies of various records, some in Finnish

- Paper copies of microform records